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Party Vote by Profession

60% of Crane, Hoist and Lift Operators, 53% of Train and Tram Drivers and 50% of Food and Drink Factory Workers give their first preference vote to the ALP, while over 60% of Defence Force members, Chief Executives, Police, Manufacturers, and Financial Investment Advisers, Managers and Brokers vote Liberal.

Overall, jobs within the larger categories of Labourers, Machinery Operators and Drivers, Technicians and Trades Workers, and Community and Personal Service Workers are more likely than average to vote Labor, while Clerical and Administrative Workers and Managers are more likely to vote Liberal and those classified as Professionals are over 50% more likely to vote Greens. 

The professions most skewed toward voting Greens cover a wide range of professions, from the unsurprising Social Professionals (33%) and Environmental Scientists (30%) to Intelligence and Policy Analysts (29%), Judicial and Other Legal Professionals (28%) and Psychologists (27%). Other professions with a more than double-the-average rate of voting Greens include Medical Laboratory Scientists, Librarians, and Software and Applications Programmers.

The professionals most likely to vote Family First are Meat, Poultry and Seafood Process Workers, Delivery Drivers, Waiters and Dental Assistants. Ministers of Religion are the 7th most likely at 7%—just behind Retail Supervisors. 

Farmers of all stripes dominate the National Party’s list, although Cabinetmakers, Hotel and Motel Managers and Bus and Coach Drivers make the Top 10.

The proportion of Plasterers and Midwives voting Labor is dead-on average, as is that of Truck Drivers voting Liberal and Storepersons voting Greens. (X)

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