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Amazing aerial footage of an uncontacted Amazon tribe. Its mindblowing to think that there are whole group of people totally unaware of our existence and way of life. Unaware of the internet, televisions, cars, guns, escalators, airplanes, space travel, paved roads, street lights, gas heaters and modern medicine. Happenings in Syria, or America are not even a blur in the background but something they are completely oblivious to. 

Their life, just as equally beautiful in its simplicity and its own uniqueness, is so different from our own that I wonder what they thought as they saw what must seem like a giant bird hovering above them. In a simple way its almost breath taking to see the tribes member stop and stare as the plane hovered above, to see the man run forward to get a better view before the plane slowly flew away. In a way it reminds me of Brave New World with Bernard visiting the reservation, a place unspoiled with many of the ills that come with the wonder of modern society. A part of me wishes we could know them better, get to visit them and observe first hand their culture but history has shown that all that comes from it is disease, misery and abject poverty for the Indigenous tribes. Some things are really better left untouched and unspoilt. 

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