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Killin it. Rather than allowing secular counsellors to make it constitutional ( and you know not shove religion down kids throats), they are restricting it to religious employees and circumventing the high court by giving the funds to the states to run it.

While facing questions from the royal commission into institutional responses to child sex abuse, Pell said the Catholic Church was no more responsible for child abuse carried out by church figures than a trucking company would be if they employed a driver who molested women.

(X) Fuck anyone who defends the Catholic Church/heirarchy or believe it is repentant. This is an organisation that has seen systemic and endemic child abuse of vulnerable kids, not only in churches but also in orphanages where they had a legal obligation to keep these children safe. This is an organisation when faced with evidence of child abuse by its priests shielded them, shuttling them to new parishes where they could continue their abuse and failed to dob them into the police.

This is a multibillion dollar organisation that under the guise of repentance gave victims the options of a measly sum for compensation to stop litigation or face years of litigation that will bleed them dry. Take the case of John Ellis, an altar boy who was seeking $100,000 in compensation. While they accepted he was abused, they rejected his claim offering $20,000 and threatened him with a drawn out legal process if he did not accept. Offended by this gesture John rightly took them to court  Rather than paying him $100,000 the Church spent over $1.5 million in legal fees before caving in. It was part of a larger aggressive legal strategy to protect the churches assets. This statement by Pell, the head of the Sydney Diocese, is indicative of an organisation that exhibits an insincere repentance for not only having these perverts in its ranks, but for facilitating the crimes and persecuting these victims. 

Yes there are a lot of decent Catholics and Priests, many who stood up when it mattered on issues like the rights of Asylum Seekers, but it is represented by a corrupt immoral hierarchy that continues to perpetuate a lifetime of injustice against child abuse victims. .

One hears of the Sunday afternoon manhunts, of sexual mutiliation, of burying a live Aboriginal baby up to its neck in sand and kicking its head off, after tying the severed neck of the husband around the raped spouse
Harris (1979) on White Settler violence. Hey Abbott if you insist on demonising Australia’s Muslim community for the actions of ISIS, an organisation that does not represent Islam and makes up only 0.000015% of Muslims globally, you might want to read up on the widespread and brutal violence by White Australians towards our First Nation People  #Team Australia

I went to a refugee panel on the weekend and one of the speakers was an Indigenous man who worked on one of the onshore detention centres up in Queensland. In between detailing the horrors that refugees faced he told me the story of one of the white security guards telling off a refugee for speaking in his native language of Farsi, at which point he stood up and replied:

Brother, you live on stolen land and speak a language that is not of this country and you have the arrogance to tell them not to speak their own language?

I thought it was a telling moment. The arrogance of white Australia but also the humility and kindness of the various Indigenous cultures and its people, who despite 200 years + of persecution in their own land, have the ability to sympathise, stand up and welcome fellow beings who flee their country because of oppression.

Why stop there you dickhead how about we refuse refugee status if you could have changed your religion or sexuality

'My Jewish grandmother did not die to provide cover for Israeli soldiers murdering Palestinian grandmothers in Gaza. Israel cynically and ruthlessly exploits the continuing guilt among Gentiles for the holocaust'. - Gerald Kaufman (Jewish UK MP). 

While my heart bleeds for the Jewish people and the 2 millenia plus of persecution, this doe not excuse the terror and brutality that the Palestinians are facing. Bombing a school full of children and women is not okay. Using White Phosprous (a chemical weapon) on Palestininans is not okay. A death toll of over 1200+ in the space of fortnight is not okay.

The brutality must end.

A system so dehumanising that they refer to each other not by their names but by their ID. Where women are asking for their babies to be aborted because the conditions are so horrible. Where medical reports are leaking out of high levels of trauma and torture.It is a system that seeks to make life so horrible for its inhabitants, with deplorable living conditions and years of imprisonment with no end in sight, that the prospect of going back home to the threat of torture and persecution seems preferable. 


Reports estimate that by 2050 all of Australia’s indigenous languages would of died out. Before the invasion of Australia in 1788 there were an estimated 350-750 Aboriginal languages and dialects in use in Australia. As of the 21st century 150 remain in daily use with almost all but 20 of them considered to be endangered. The largest of these groups such as Warlpiri and Tiwi retain between 1000-3000 native speakers.


Reports estimate that by 2050 all of Australia’s indigenous languages would of died out. Before the invasion of Australia in 1788 there were an estimated 350-750 Aboriginal languages and dialects in use in Australia. As of the 21st century 150 remain in daily use with almost all but 20 of them considered to be endangered. The largest of these groups such as Warlpiri and Tiwi retain between 1000-3000 native speakers.

Eric Abetz has admitted there’s a risk that people will apply for jobs they are unqualified for, or unlikely to get, in order to meet proposed requirements.
No shit Sherlock. Expecting people to apply for 40 jobs a month in order to receive welfare is not only cruel but stupid. Its cruel because there is not enough jobs. For every job opening there is 4.2 unemployed people. It is worse when you realise that most of these jobs require specialised skills, knocking out most of the unemployed. On top of this there are a host of hidden and underemployed workers out there.  It is stupid because any HR consultant would tell you that job hunting is about quality over quantity. A good application takes time, tailoring your application to meet what the firm wants. This is not the way to get the unemployed employed. Even if you do want to take part in the futile exercise of applying for 40 jobs a month, rushing in substandard applications just to meet the quota, you can be penalised for having a substandard application. This is a government who sees the unemployed as lazy and not hard done by a horrible job market.
After all the lies and deception…the global warming industry know its over
The words the Daily Telegraph/Miranda Devine used to describe scientists and politicians advocating for climate change action. Ah yes the global warming industry, the 99.7% of scientists and scientific bodies that are in on some massive freaking conspiracy to tell us that we need to stop polluting or our planet is fucked. A group that stand to make nothing from warning us. Perhaps Miranda Devine should take note that the Koch Brothers funded an anticlimate change study headed by a prominent climate change denier, Richard Muller. By the end of the study the evidence for climate change was so overwhelming he stated that climate change was real with strong likelihood that it is human induced. Even your big oil companies are factoring global warming into their business strategy. The only people who are denying global warming are the ones who have a vested interest in continued ignorance, or are just plain stupid. People like Clive Palmer who now stands to not pay his $8 million carbon tax bill.  The inaction on Global warming brigade is one that is founded on greed, more greed and a good dose of stupidity.

Back in 2010, the Greens Senators sharing a moment of intimacy after fighting so hard to see the passing of the Carbon Tax.

The repeal today is a sad step back.  Over the world there are more than 1000 climate change policies, including:

Saudia Arabia: $100b investment in solar energy

South Korea: Carbon Pricing which it got through with bipartisan support

China: Clean Coal Technology and trialing ETS in select cities as well as massive investment in renewable

NZ: Emission Trading Scheme well before anyone else

Germany: $263 billion investment in renewables and a goal to be 100% renewable by 2050

European Union: ETS Scheme

The list goes on. Even the US is moving forward. It is sad that a country as rich as Australia does not have a clear climate change policy and a leadership that steadfastly refuses to listen to literally every leading scientific body. This is beyond embarrassing.

This is a government that sees the free market as an end in itself rather than a tool to help improve society
Greens Senator Richard Di Natale. He hits the nail on the head and highlights one of the critical flaws of the Coalition’s neoliberal agenda.